Kunstmaler Hans Voigt Steffensen

Dansk English

I get euphoric, when I squeeze yellow,
orange, green and red colour on to my palette
– what a potential!

I often use music, when I paint.
Wagner and Schostakovich suit the bold strokes of the brush
and the vast landscapes.
The sensual tango, flamenco and tzigane music
I use for my paintings of the dance.

I have sketched for the opera, for the ballet and for the dramatic art
at the Royal Theatre since 1976.
I have schooled my eye to perceive movement
and transfer it to paper.
Moreover, my experiences in the theatre have meant a great deal to my painting.

Intellectual art is just not me
– I prefer sensual paintings.


and sensuality
– all the aspects
that make me forget myself.
Intuition instead of premeditation.
Heart instead of brain
– that’s what I need.


The beautiful landscape with all its colours,
fragrances, the yellow harvest fields,
the high wind, that makes the corn wave like an ocean,
the change of weather that suddenly transforms the colours.

The infinite landscape
– being able to see far and letting one’s imagination run riot.
Delightful red cows against green grass.
What a colour! What a shape!
Their curiosity when they line up and stare.