Kunstmaler Hans Voigt Steffensen

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The painter Hans Voigt Steffensen is both an expressionist and a fauvist when he paints ballet, tango and flamenco. He paints dance pictures that are sensual and very touching, when they with their strong impressions captures the viewer.

Since 1976 he has held a place on the first row at the Royal Danish Theater and drawn both from opera and plays, and has through this acquired a trained eye that knows how to capture movement with only few strokes of the brush.

Additionally, he paints nature scenery pictures from Denmark and also Venice, Sicily, France and other countries where he finds inspiration. Many of these travel pictures are first painted at the scene either as a drawing or with gouache paint that he always carries with him. Back in his studio in Copenhagen, these experiences become inspiration for new oil paintings as seen on this home page.

Hans Voigt Steffensens paintings are oil on canvas.